Tumultuous Transitions (An Enduring Spirit in Times of Change)

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

– Eric Hoffer

Change is permanent in a world of impermanence. Transitions can be painful and filled with turmoil. In these tumultuous times, the old and the new rise in mutiny against each other, clashing like incompatible colours on a palate. While a new life beckons to us in the horizon, the old ways are still ubiquitous. We temporarily swing between where we are and where we know we should be, learning to bear with the cognitive dissonance that is inevitable.

The most significant part of change occurs in the non-physical dimension. William Blake said, “this life’s five windows of the soul distorts the heavens from pole to pole.” If we only perceive the world through the five senses, we will be misled to believe that change has not happened before we can physically experience it. The truth is, the greatest part of change has occurred before we can see it. The winds of change have swept us up quietly and discreetly.

Though the transition may be tumultuous, we can find an immutable source of strength if we look within ourselves. Our spirits are enduring and imperishable though we live in a world of change. If we are bold and persist through the transition, a new vista will greet us at the break of dawn. The dark night will soon turn into a beautiful memory. If only we presently have the benefit of hindsight, we will be able to see how close we are to the light though it now appears as if we are trudging through the mire.

For now, we must press on with a steady vision of the new life ahead. There is a density that constantly attempts to pull us into the past, but we can free ourselves from its weight if we remember that our power lies solely in the present moment. It is time to embrace change with a full heart and an unbreakable spirit.

© nightdawnday
p.s. Leave a comment if this resonated with you. I love to hear your stories!

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  1. brendans2911 says:

    Well written, insightful and encouraging. Thank you!

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  2. Ash says:

    Wow beautiful! Very insightful and a great reminder to be present 💞

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  3. limitlessmare says:

    I was explaining this to my boyfriend the other night. I can “feel” changes occurring on the inside as I go through my current struggles. Synchronicities are all around. We are multisensory beings living in a multiverse. The “lens” in which we see changes on the inside before we “see” it on the outside.

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  4. Joshuto ∞ says:

    The dark night will soon turn into a beautiful memory.- Well said.


  5. Hear hear, so beautifully and gently said. I love this post…

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  6. Yes. Absolutely resonates. Presently going through very challenging times with a Kundalini Awakening. Ego is dying and then dying, and then dying more. Rinse, repeat. Light comes, and one day life will feel good again.

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  7. ashok says:

    Beautifully put thought.


  8. Kelsey says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear ❤ Thank you!

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  9. philipmach1 says:

    Love this prose and your thoughts are powerful .

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  10. Beautifully written. It is about remembering who we are, we chose to be here at this time of great change… breaking down the old and building a new earth… it is so exciting! Thank you and hold on to your hats for 2020 everyone!

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  11. Wic says:

    A timely reminder that our true strength rests in our spirit. Very well put. Thanks.

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  12. healerjack says:

    Persist! great post.


  13. Pam Young says:

    Because you read my post yesterday, you know that yours resonates with me. This one, in particular, is what I needed to hear. Relocating, destination unknown, from my home of 43 years at age 73 is a real stretch. Thanks.

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  14. Kelly Ridge says:

    Just wow!! Thank you for this.


  15. Love it. Found this article just in the right time, when I can feel old&new “discussing” a lot. Good reminder to stay strong and be patient 🙂


  16. This reflection gave me so much peace. I too find myself drawn into the old but excited for the new. Which I would imagine is the hallmark of transition. Thank you for checking in at this time. It helps. Much peace to you.

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